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Top 10 Veterinary Manufacturing Companies In Saharanpur

Top 10 Veterinary Manufacturing Companies In Saharanpur

Top 10 Veterinary Manufacturing Companies In Saharanpur

Top 10 Veterinary Manufacturing Companies In Saharanpur - Animals are an integral part of human life and handling care of all these animals is the first consideration of human beings. Certainly, many distributors, traders, and sellers of veterinary drugs want a profitable business in this domain. Additionally, Veterinary Manufacturing Companies are an ISO-certified pharma company that delivers the finest field of veterinary products that are increased in standard. Consequently, excesses of people are exploring the Top 10 Veterinary Manufacturing Companies In Saharanpur to sponsor their money.

There are excesses of pharma companies that fabricate excellent standard veterinary products but selecting the best one is challenging for everyone. Consequently, we are here to decode your situation, we note a checklist of the Top 10 Veterinary Manufacturing Companies In Saharanpur. So you can select efficiently among them. These characters are the leading exporters of social and joint drugs worldwide. and these medicines are very practical for animals and rescue them from many conditions and also give them the most useful life.

Range Of Veterinary Injections 

Sr. No.







4.5 GM

CEFTRIAXONE-3 GM & SULBACTUM-1.5 GM Injection For Veterinary



Amoxicillin 3 gm Sulbactam 1.5gm Veterinary Injection (UNIRAY MOX-S (WITH TRAY+WFI+MONO)

4.5 GM

AMOXYCILLIN 3 GM+SULBACTUM 1.5 GM veterinary Injection



CEFTRIAXONE 3mg Injection for Veterinary (UNICEFT 3 GM(WITH TRAY+WFI+MONO)

3 GM

CEFTRIAXONE 3mg Injection for veterinary



Meloxicam Paracetamol Injection For Veterinary (VETLOX-P)

100 ML

meloxicam paracetamol injection for veterinary. (MELOXICAM-5 MG & PARACETAMOL-150 MG)



Ivermectin Benzyl Alcohol Injection For Veterinary (RAYMEC)

100 ML

IVERMECTIN 10 MG, BENZYL ALCOHOL1.5% W/V Veterinary Injection



List Of Top 10 Veterinary Manufacturing Companies In Saharanpur

#1 Uniray Vet

Uniray Vet is one of the top Veterinary Manufacturing companies in Saharanpur because it is approved by ISO which furnishes the finest scope of veterinary products that are advanced in standard and the expense of products is down. Uniray Vet is the most powerful and charged name that provides an extensive range of drugs and pledges to give exemplary healthiness to pets by providing tall-standard drugs at inexpensive prices. The immediate objective of Uniray Vet is to aid people live extended, healthful they'll, and more comfortable lives. They have years of knowledge and furnish only standard, secure, and adequate medicines.

Contact Details

Company Name - Uniray Vet

Address - Shop no. 6,7 & Shop no. 8,9 Ground Floor, Guru Kripa Complex, Palam Enclave, ZIRAKPUR, SAS Nagar, PUNJAB 140603.

Phone No. - +919805060580 

Email - unirayvet@gmail.com

#2 Indian Herbs

Indian Herbs has explored, analyzed, scientifically designed, pharmacologically tested, and clinically assessed herbal products on stylish scientific lines using tardily technology. Indian Herbs is the foremost global herbal veterinary company, appreciated and authorized for its capability to fabricate top-standard goal-directed products founded on authentic research.

Address - M. No. 1/4669, Sharda Nagar, Saharanpur, PIN - 247 001, Uttar Pradesh, India.

#3 Shakti Feeds Corporation

They also provide Shakti Swachh Sanitizer and Shakti Warrior PPE Kit. All their items are delivered at the supreme expense in every significant market. Overdue to the massive supply chain of their company, they have been helping consumers in all the regions of India and many unfamiliar countries. 

Address - Vill. Dayalpur, Teh. Behat, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh 247001.

#4 Kamdhenu Feeds

Kamdhenu Feeds is a domestic foremost distributor and manufactory of cattle and domestic fowl feed supplements. The purpose is to increase your expediency by improving animal and poultry interpretation with the most elevated standard products.

Address - 7 K.M Dehradun Road V.& P.O, Sadak Dudhli, Uttar Pradesh 247001.

#5 Natur Krauter

Natur Krauter is a well-prominent manufacturer and distributor of vegetal Veterinary Products. These products are rigidly manufactured using the greatest-standard components under the control of their nutrition specialists. The range presented by them has accumulated a dedication in the global market payable to its features like no side results, increased nutrition importance, and others.

Address -  Village Chhidbana, Delhi road Saharanpur -247001 Uttar Pradesh, India, near DPS School, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh 247001.

#6 Amorvet

They deliver positive exploration-based Herbaceuticals from the World of Phytochemistry. The strong understanding of Human health encouraged essential supporters to maintain the food chain via natural aids. The human diet is thoroughly related to Animals, if Milk, Eggs, and Meat are filled with chemical remains it instantly affects human health generating different hazards such as oxidations, drug resistance, etc.

Address - 4, Delhi Rd, Saharanpur, Sawalpur Nawada, Uttar Pradesh 247001.


It is a prevalent and responsible vendor and distributor of creature meals that complement veterinary products and pharmaceutical medicines as well. It is a familiar pharma company in Uttar Pradesh. All its veterinary products are ingenious and appropriately prepared for the usefulness of creatures and livestock. Their outcomes are certified by WHO and GMP.

Address - Kishanpura, Medicine Market, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh 247001.


It is the greatest pharma company in Saharanpur and also delivers third-party producing services. This company is renowned for its high-standard veterinary products and Ashiwani Kumar is the moderator of this company. Shikum Pharmaceutical has periods of knowledge in operating in this domain hence it will evolve into one of the most acknowledged veterinary producing companies.

Address -  1381/3 VIVEKANANDA NAGAR Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, 228001 India.


It is a decennary-old Indian animal healthcare company and is also understood for its ingenious theoretical technique. This company is committed to enhancing animal healthcare through significant possibilities, analysis, and creation. They provide an expansive range of veterinary products which contain health care products and meal supplements for domestic fowl, reflective, mount, and greenish along with invasion.

Address -  Ff-2, Sec-5, Plot-9, Vaishali. Hasanpur Lodha.. P.C. 201010, Dhaulana, Ghaziabad.


It is an outstanding veterinary pharmaceutical company and its head office is in Saharanpur. This company was founded in January 2019 with fiction to furnish ingenious and grade veterinary medicines. All their veterinary products are effortlessly obtainable in the market at the most fierce rates. It is an extensive trading of veterinary pharmaceuticals all over India.

Address - C-12, G-Pocket, Ganga Nagar Meerut, Uttar Pradesh-250001.


In this blog, we give you proper information about the Top 10 Veterinary Manufacturing Companies In Saharanpur. So this information will help you to choose the best veterinary manufacturing company in Saharanpur.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - What is the biggest veterinary company in the world?

Answer - Uniray Vet is the largest veterinary company in the world.

Question - What is the destiny of the veterinary market?

Answer - The global pet care market is calculated to increase from $246 billion in 2023 to $368 billion by 2030. 

Question - What is the top veterinary medicine company?

Answer - Uniray Vet is the top veterinary medicine company because it provides top-quality products at reasonable prices.

Question - How many veterinarians are there in India?

Answer - As assembled by the Veterinary Council of India (VCI), there are 81,938 indicated Veterinary Practitioners.

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