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Veterinary Feed Supplements For Immunity (UNIRAY ECFC POWDER)

Veterinary Feed Supplements For Immunity (UNIRAY ECFC POWDER)

Composition : Vitamin A; Vitamin D3; Vitamin E; Biotin; Zinc; Copper; Manganese; Cobalt; Iron; Iodine; Sulphur; Chromium (Blend of Chromium Tri Picolinate) Selenium (Homolanthionide Selenium) Magnesium Sodium Chloride

Packing : 1 kg (Aluminium)

Price : Rs. 760

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Growth of Reproductive Organs, Induction of heat, Development of immunity, and maintenance of fertility Regularize the reproductive cycle & increase the conception rate. Prevents production failure related to Nutritional deficiencies Minerals and cattle vitamins play roles in many biological processes such as tissue formation, energy metabolism, milk production, and other basic metabolic functions. 

(Essential cattle feed concentrate) A complete Vitamins & Minerals Premix For DAIRY ANIMALS.

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