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Animal Feed Supplement For Anti Diarrhea (UNI-SORB)

Animal Feed Supplement For Anti Diarrhea (UNI-SORB)

Composition : Activated Charcoal; Toxin adsorbing. Alumino Silicates in palatable base

Packing : 250 ml (Plastic)

Price : Rs. 180

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Animal Feed Supplement For Anti Diarrhea

Animal Feed Supplement For Anti Diarrhea - In India, plenty of farmers and livestock owners find the right feed supplements for their animal's health. It is very important to take every animal's high-quality feed supplements that provide them with proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is really very essential for the health of animals and they help them in proper growth and development. If you are looking for an Animal Feed Supplement For Anti Diarrhea then Uniray Vet provides you with the best quality product in bulk. 

Animals also experience stress the reason may be extreme weather changes, poor living conditions, overcrowding, the pH of their ruminal acids becomes imbalance, and so on. All these disturbances can cause their gut health and a decline in their water and feed intake. Our feed supplement stop and treat viruses in infected animals. Also, it increases feed and water consumption and it is also very important to keep your cattle fed as well as hydrated when they are battling bacteria and viruses. 

If you want bulk veterinary feed supplements and also invest in the veterinary feed supplements pcd company then Uniray Vet is the perfect place. Here are the contact details of our company for any kind of high-quality veterinary products give us a call at +919779484201 or mail us at unirayvet@gmail.com.

Overview | Animal Feed Supplement For Anti Diarrhea

Uniray Vet is a well-known company and Uni-Sorb is one of the best products of our company that is made with various ingredients including Activated Charcoal; Toxin adsorbing. Alumino Silicates in a palatable base. Our Anti-Diarrhoeal Powder is for Cattle, Cows, Calves, Buffalo, Sheep, Goats, as well as Livestock Animals. Our product is made with high-quality vitamins and minerals. Also, this is highly useful for summer diarrhea and useful for chronic diarrhea

Benefits of UNI-SORB

  • Toxic Enteritis
  • Grain Overload
  • Digestive Disturbance Toxemia 
  • Better Udder Development

What are the Reasons for Anti Diarrhea?

Diarrhoea in animals may be due to stress like Heat stress, cold stress, transportation stress, sudden diet change, etc. One of the reasons is due to the sudden changes in diet with the season. Diarrhea can have several reasons and the possible causes include bacterial and viral infections, intestinal parasites, certain chemicals, poor diet, overfeeding on milk or lush grass, poisonous plants as well as other toxins, food allergies, and even stress. 

Prevention & Control Measure

  • First of all, provide them with clean drinking water.
  • Maintain food hygiene
  • Then avoid the sudden change in the dietary supplements to the farm animals.
  • Also, avoid animals from exposure to extreme weather.
  • Provide them with good hygiene on the farms.
  • Provide them clean shed
  • Avoid stressful environments as well as transportation during the disease animals
  • Furthermore, periodic health examinations should be accomplished
  • During diarrhea give them soft dietary supplements

Uniray Vet Provides the Best Quality Animal Feed Supplement For Anti Diarrhea

Anti-Diarrhea is a very common problem that you have seen and farmers find the all-in-one solution to maintain and improve the health of their animals. Animals have trouble with anti-diarrhea and that is why our company, Uniray Vet decided to provide you with a top-quality product that gives you quick and fast results. This product is given to cattle, buffalo, calf, sheep, goats, horses, and so on. Uni-Sorb has no side effects and it controls diarrhea just because of its superior composition. Following are the highlight points that clarify you why to choose us:

  • Result oriented products
  • Attractive packaging
  • The high-quality raw material used
  • Experienced staff


To conclude, we give you the complete information related to Animal Feed Supplement For Anti Diarrhea. Our company delivers different animal healthcare products that are highly effective for animal health. Uniray Vet working in this field for many years and supplies all their products all across the nation at comitative prices. Our products treat and prevent several types of conditions and are available in the market. If you want large or small scale product then contact us now.