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Pig Feed Supplements For Boosting Immunity (PIGGYRAY)

Pig Feed Supplements For Boosting Immunity (PIGGYRAY)

Composition : (a unique blend of over 30 essential ingredients designed exclusively for pig nutrition) Vitamin A+D3+E+C+K3+B1+B2+B6+B12, Pantothenic acid, niacin, folic acid, biotin & choline) minerals(organic zinc, organic copper, organic manganese, chromium, cobalt, iodine, selenium, calcium phosphorus & sodium chloride amino acid (l-lysine, isoleucine, dl methionine, l-threonine & tryptophan) enzymes a unique multi-enzymes combination of five declare and quantified enzymes activities in dry form-(xylenes, cellulose beta gluconate, amylase and protease yeast

Packing : 25 kg (Bag)

Price : Rs. 1700

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Boosts immune system, Enhances FCR,Reduces weaning stress, Maximizes vaccine and abibiotic response,Improves reproductive performance, Ensures piglet survivability,Increase lean meat, Regulates parturition time. Converts food into energy and repair cellular damage,improves the pork quality