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Ivermectin Benzyl Alcohol Injection For Veterinary (RAYMEC)

Ivermectin Benzyl Alcohol Injection For Veterinary (RAYMEC)

Composition : IVERMECTIN 10 MG, BENZYL ALCOHOL1.5% W/V Veterinary Injection

Packing : 100 ML

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Ivermectin Benzyl Alcohol Injection For Veterinary

Ivermectin Benzyl Alcohol Injection For Veterinary - Uniray Vet is one of the fastest-growing veterinary companies exporting, trading, and supplying different kinds of pharma products at the best prices. We all know, parasites in animals are not uncommon and it is best to treat parasites as early as possible. These days people are more aware of their animal's health and they find the best quality animal healthcare products that are safe and effective for their animal's health. Uniray Vet offers the Ivermectin Benzyl Alcohol Injection For Veterinary which is highly effective for treating parasite infections such as ringworms, tapeworms, etc. 

Basically, the treatment of Ivermectin applies to the species of Buffalo, Bison, Dairy Cattle, Reindeer, and Swine. Also, one low-volume dose treats the internal and external parasites effectively. Well, if you are seeking the pcd company for the injection range then join hands with Uniray Vet because our company has years of experience in the field of veterinary feed supplements and always thinks of bringing new & advanced veterinary products that are highly useful for our client's livestock.
Here are the contact details of our organization for any information you can call us at
+919779484201 or mail us at unirayvet@gmail.com. Here are the highlight points of our company that are mentioned below:

  • Packaging can be customized
  • WHO-GMP and ISO-Certified Company
  • Hygienically packed
  • Balanced composition
  • Stability
  • Highly effective

What is the Medical Use of Ivermectin Benzyl Alcohol Injection For Veterinary?

This is an anthelmintic medication that is used to treat various species of internal as well external parasites. With ivermectin, internal parasite species are treated, including gastrointestinal worms in horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and lungworms in cattle and pigs. Apart from this, the injection of Ivermectin is used to treat strongyloidiasis. It includes threadworms (this is an infection with a type of roundworm that enters the body through the skin, as well as moves through the airways or lives in the intestines.
This is a parasiticide for swine and cattle and this treats or controls the internal and external parasites that may impair the health of cattle and swine: gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, grubs, sucking lice, as well as manage mites of cattle, and gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, lice, and mange mites in swine.

Benefits of Ivermectin Benzyl Alcohol Injection

The product of Ivermectin Benzyl Alcohol Injection For Veterinary is one of the highly effective products of Uniray Vet and it is highly in demand with the name of RAYMEC. Here are the benefits of our product are mentioned below:  

  • Beneficial in lungworms, grubs, sucking lice, mites, and gastrointestinal worms
  • Remove infestation of parasites in G.I.T

What are the most common parasites in animals?

  • Roundworms
  • Pinworms
  • Sarcoptic mange
  • Ticks
  • Bots
  • Threadworms

Signs and Symptoms Of  having Parasitic Infection in Livestock

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Gas or bloating
  • Dysentery (loose stools containing blood and mucus)
  • Rash or itching around the rectum or vulva
  • Stomach pain or tenderness
  • Feeling tired
  • Weight loss
  • Passing a worm in your stool

Indications | Ivermectin Benzyl Alcohol Injection For Veterinary

  • First of all, while giving an injection to Cattle: This is used to treat gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, cattle grubs, screw-worm fly larvae, sucking lice, as well as mange mites.
  • Secondly, Sheep and Goats: are used to treat gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, nasal bots, and manage mites.
  • Thirdly, in Camels: it treats gastrointestinal roundworms, mange mites
  • In Poultry, these injections work to treat the biting lice and mites

What are the side effects of Ivermectin in veterinary?

If you see any of these side effects then immediately contact your veterinarian. In some dogs, Ivermectin may cause a shock-like reaction, and also this may cause Stomach upset, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Dilated pupils, Unsteadiness when walking, or a Dazed demeanor. 


Here to conclude, we give you complete information related to Ivermectin Benzyl Alcohol Injection For Veterinary. Our company's main focus is providing quality veterinary products that help your beloved pets and animals live healthier lives. We serve our products all across the nation and assure you all the products of Uniray Vet are very high quality and available at affordable cost.